Sunday Morning
Bible Class:

    Current Topic: The Book of Hebrews

    When: Sundays 10am

    Where: First Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall

This past week, we began Hebrews 3. These were some of the discussion starters:

Jesus is compared to Moses in Hebrews 3. In what ways are Jesus and Moses similar? In what ways is Jesus greater?

What warning is given in Hebrews 3:9, 12?

What is the rebellion mentioned as quoted from Psalm 95 and found in Hebrews 3:8, 15?

Read Numbers 14 to gain a little context into what this rebellion was and what it meant for those who rebelled.

Were there any who did not rebel? What would God offer them for their faithfulness?

Why is this reference to Numbers 14 significant in the Biblical narrative? Is it significant to us? How so?

What role does the Christian community play in remaining faithful to God?

What good Christian habits can be implemented in the life of believers that will keep us steadfast in the true faith?

This week, we will move from Hebrews 3 to Hebrews 4. Please consider the following as you prepare:

Read Hebrews 4:1-13.

v. 2 - Why was the message they (the people of the rebellion/those who disobeyed) heard of no value to them?

v. 7 - What is the significance of the word "Today"?

What is the significance of likening the Word of God to a two-edged or double-edged sword? What does it mean to be living and active?

v. 9 - What is the Sabbath? Read Genesis 2:2-3 and Exodus 20:8-11 for help.

Are we still commanded to remember the Sabbath in the same way described in the Bible?

How deep does the word of God penetrate? What could that mean or how is that significant?

What does God's Word do?

Sunday Morning Youth

Bible Class:

    Current Topic: Deal Me In: Life Issues

    When: Sundays 10am

    Where: First Lutheran Church Youth Room

Men's Bible Study:

    Current Topic: God Connects

 When: Saturdays 7am (Breakfast is served)

Where: First Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall

Women's Bible Study:

    Current Topic: Coming Soon 

    When: Thursdays 9am

    Where: First Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall

Women's "Sips of Grace"

Bible Study:

    Current Topic: He calls me loved

     When: Saturday Feb 4 @ 9am

    Where: Letsche House (Parsonage)

A Study of Identity in Isaiah

The Book of Isaiah is overflowing with God's realness, God's passion, and God's unrelenting affection for each of us. Throughout this Old Testament book God speaks truth into our lives by sharing with us His vision of who we are. See how God proclaims you Beloved, Redeemed, Holy, Gathered, Ransomed, Clay, Awake, and more across the pages of He Calls Me Loved.